Writing with fountain pen

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Writing with fountain pen

History of Fountain Pens Fountain Pen - History of Fountain Pens The main flaws of quills and pens with no ink reservoir is that they must be constantly dipped in ink so they could write or draw and, because of that, they can very easily stain the surface on which they write.

Fountain pen is the first solution for these problems.

Writing with fountain pen

It has a reservoir in its body which holds water-based liquid ink for longer writing. This ink passes through a feed to the nib under the influence of gravity and capillary action.

Fountain pen can be filled with ink in different ways, depending of the way it is built: Some rare models hold in their body ink tablets that are dissolved in water and then poured in the fountain pen. Earliest mention of a pen that has an ink reservoir is from year Next mention of a pen with inner reservoir comes from 17th century when German inventor Daniel Schwenter invented a pen made from two quills.

One quill was placed inside the other; it held the ink and was closed with a cork. Ink left the reservoir through a small hole which led to a nib. Samuel Pepys, English naval administrator, mentioned in his writings a metal pen "to carry ink" in while Maryland historian Hester Dorsey Richardson also wrote about fountain pens that existed in 17th century.

In the 19th century, standard pens were improved with mass production of cheap steel pen nibs which also influenced fountain pens. On May 25,Romanian inventor Petrache Poenaru received patent from the French government for a fountain pen which had a barrel made from a large swan quill. These were not the only patents for fountain pens of that time but these pens needed three inventions to become popular: First fountain pen to have all this was made in s.

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Duncan MacKinnon and Alonzo T. Cross invented in a variant of fountain pen called stylographic pen which used a wire in a tube as a valve for ink. All these pens were filled with an eyedropper. First self-filling fountain pens were invented in the early 20th century.

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They were crescent-filler pens which had a rubber sac and a crescent button which pressed it and twist-filler pens. All these early fountain pens had a characteristic to leak so some manufactures tried to solve this problem.

Some variants had a retractable point which closed the ink reservoir. Other had screw-on caps with inner caps that sealed around the nib.

Writing with fountain pen

Improvements continued after that. Pens were made from celluloid instead of hard rubber, filling mechanisms were made with pistons and levers, and solid-ink fountain pens appeared.The following are some very basic tips as to how to start writing with a fountain pen that has a flexible nib.

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It’s about taking pleasure in the writing process as %(2). Established in , the Conklin Pen Company® is regarded as one of the most significant American writing instruments manufacturers from the golden era of fountain pens.

Located in Toledo, Ohio, founder Roy Conklin, registered the patent for the first working automatic filling mechanism in Our range of quality pens includes fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, multifunction pens, calligraphy pens, and Space pens.

Whatever your writing needs, we will stock the perfect writing tool for you, at a very reasonable price. Other articles where Fountain pen is discussed: pen: stimulated the development of the fountain pen, a type of pen in which ink is held in a reservoir and passes to the writing point through capillary channels.

The first practical version of the fountain pen was .

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