The role of youth

When they grow up they are granted with new rights like voting, consent, driving, etc. There are different minimum limits of age at which youth are not free, independent or legally competent to take some decisions or actions. Some of these limits are voting ageage of candidacyage of consentage of majorityage of criminal responsibilitydrinking agedriving ageetc.

The role of youth

For me youth is the other name of energy - Role of Youth in development of Pakistan Essay introduction. Any society in the world is highly recognized and identified by its youth.

To have change is a society you ought to change in the youth.

Αρχειοθήκη ιστολογίου

Young people are the ones who have the abilities to bring the change to better the world and to enhance the resources. Pakistan is a country that is followed by bad luck right from the first day of its formation.

After the death of the great leader Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, We are not able to produce a unique leader who has the abilities to lead and direct the people in right direction.

For me it is great bad luck that despite having to much resources, talent and great thinking minds, Pakistan is not yet able to registered it name the among the best develop country in the world.

That is a great sign as it means greater chances of revolution. The history of world testifies whether there was a good or bad revolution, it was caused by young people of respective nations.

The part of Muslim youth in this historical event can never be forgotten. They gave immense sacrifices to get the freedom from two greater powers i. When we look at the history of world, the French revolution occupies a remarkable place. It was a period of radical, social and political upheaval in both French and Europeans history.

In that time, the cruel French rulers were permanently collapsed by the youth and now France has a renowned place in the list of sparking nations.

5 Important Roles in Youth Ministry

The American Revolution, the young Turkish revolution, the Chinese revolution and the great Iranian revolution are also some important wonders of youth. God almighty has blessed this part of world with immense talent and creativity.

The young people of Pakistan are not less talented and able than that any other developed country. But our demerits are certainly more than our merits. A lot of our young people are busy indulging them in useless activities, thus spoiling their future.

The main reason is that there is no proper guidance. We are largely spelled by the western culture. Our own culture is lost somewhere in the western and Indian culture. Our young people find themselves happy in copying bad habits of others. A large percentage of our young people have no thought about what are their actual activities and what are they doing.

The role of youth

There is no similarity of behavior, thoughts and ideas of life among young people belonging to different aspects and different areas of Pakistan.

Our people need to understand that: Our country is going down. Our economic condition is very poor. Other countries are causing there affects on Pakistan. There special target is the youth we should not allow these negative forces to play with.

It is our duty to look after our beloved country. Each single person of Pakistanis youth needs to understand and memorize it. The first and most vital step for the youth is to educate themselves.Thus, the involvement of youth in national development is a must.

In fact, youths play one of the most important roles in nation building. Youth are not only the leaders of . The role of the youth in nation building essayRate this post (Read 1 time today. Please share with your friends or comment below.)Comments comments" />. Mar 20,  · Given these findings, we need to be wary of the role flavors play in attracting youth to initiate on any tobacco product that could lead to regular use – something we clearly want to avoid.

The role of youth

A youth delegation from the Diocese of Lusaka take part in the International Anglican Family Network regional consultation in the Church of the Province of Central Africa. Photo: IFAN The Bishop of Southern Malawi, Alinafe Kalemba, was the Province’s episcopal representative at the consultation.

The role of the youth is to show up and name the pain felt when betrayed by a friend at school. The role of the youth is to practice vulnerability by sharing the disorientation felt when abandoned by a .

Mar 13,  · By involving youth in disaster preparedness and recovery efforts, youth-serving agencies can help to not only increase youths’ awareness of particular hazards, but can also enhance the chance that they openly discuss how to adequately protect their families and loved ones and understand how to seek help should their community be affected.

1 Youth can play a range of roles in youth.

What is the role of youth in society