The role of the law of defamation essay

Conclusion Introduction Global computer-based communications cut across territorial borders, creating a new realm of human activity and undermining the feasibility--and legitimacy--of applying laws based on geographic boundaries. While these electronic communications play havoc with geographic boundaries, a new boundary, made up of the screens and passwords that separate the virtual world from the "real world" of atoms, emerges.

The role of the law of defamation essay

Excerpt from Research Paper: Introduction There are many cases involving junior employees faking accusations against the senior employees around the world.

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The intention by the junior employees to do this is often dependent on the individual employees and their work environments. However, the impact of their slander is adverse as it can lead to the dismissal of the top leaders Kenyon, When CEOs are fired because of false accusations by the junior officers, the legal directors of the company are deemed to have failed in protecting the CEOs against false accusations.

They are the ones mandated to ensure that everything within organizations run well and no individual suffers any unjust attack. As a result, it is necessary for the board of trustees to be vigilant to note and stop any attempt by employees to hurt the top management on baseless accusations.

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The United Kingdom law forbids against any unjust accusations on individuals for selfish gain Kenyon, The law is strict on punishing slanderous individuals, and the board of trustees in any organization can charge and punish slanderous employees.

The following study shows some strategies that boards of trustees can use when protecting their top managers from unfair attacks from the junior employees. The Board of Trustees and Protection of Top Managers The Boards of Trustees are expected to understand well the laws governing the conduct of employees.

They should be able to comprehend and interpret the law well for them to assure all employees optimal protection against any unfair attacks by colleagues Tilley, For example, the United Kingdom Law strictly forbids individuals from maliciously creating accusations against others to achieve personal targets.

The law provides that any such individual should be held criminal and thus be punished accordingly Kenyon, They should be in a position to understand the law and the relevant steps to take to ensure justice is served to malicious employees. The board of trustees needs to help the employees understand the law and the possible repercussions they are likely to face when they accuse others wrongly.

Through this, the board of trustees should educate employees on the requirements of the law regarding their conduct. They should not only seek persecution to errand employees without letting them know when and why they can be legally charged. The trend will also end up sanitizing the conduct of employees when within or without organizations.

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The board of trustees should focus more on promoting effective communication within and without organizations. They should ensure that there is a proper communication channel that ensures that any conflict between employees is effectively revealed, discussed and resolved Krzanich, The employees should be aware of their responsibility to air their concerns and avoid making wrong accusations against individuals because they will be caught and punished.

The assessment of the manner or the circumstances that led to an employee making accusations against a top manager is only possible when an effective communication channel exists.

The board of trustees should be able to carry out investigations on when, by who, and why false information was used against their top managers.

The role of the law of defamation essay

As a result, it will be possible to serve justice to both the employee and the senior manager. There are cases where a senior manager accuses junior employees of falsehood unfairly.

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Moreover, the board of trustees should not to always act with speed when handling matters to do with false accusations within an organization. They should focus on getting ample grounds that will make the ultimate punishment fair and within the confines of the law Shapiro, In circumstances where the excessive harm has been caused, the slanderous can be committed to a court of law using the Defamation Act c 26 but the role will be taken up by the company lawyers to proof their case as made by the board.The Role Of Defamation Law Law General Essay.

Sports Law. Part 1. In this essay I am going to critically discuss the role of defamation law as guardian of the truth, focussing on the inaccurate reporting which led to The Sun newspaper publishing a front page article headlined "The Truth‟ on 19th April The Meaning And Types Of Defamation Law General Essay; Print Download Reference This Reddit This.

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Tweet. The Meaning And Types Of Defamation Law General Essay Introduction. The most important role in the law of contempt in most common law jurisdictions is the use of the sub judice role.

It means that there should not be any. The law of defamation is to protect the reputation of the people. Its main purpose is to control the freedom of speech and guard those in /5(4). Online Law library in India is the largest free online collection of laws and regulations on topics related to on family law,cyber law,constitution,consumer protection,insurance,entertainment laws,e-commerce and many more issues, the Library is hailed as the Most .

Scarlett Johansson won a defamation suit against a French writer for creating a promiscuous character who happened to look like the movie star.

"This big, brave and important book argues that defamation laws are the cornerstone of Thailand's authoritarian political culture.

The role of the law of defamation essay

They have strangled the media, wrecked public debate, undermined artistic and intellectual work, and ensured impunity for a long litany of state crimes.

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