The documentation of life

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The documentation of life

The goal of The documentation of life SCP was to develop substance-specific draft standards with supporting documentation that contained technical information and recommendations needed for the promulgation of new occupational health regulations, such as the IDLH values.

The following is from a U. Department of Labor bulletin: The situations for which respiratory protection is required may be designated as, 1 nonemergency and 2 emergency.

Nonemergency situations are the more or less normal ones that involve exposure to atmospheres that are not immediately dangerous to health and life, but will produce marked discomfort, sickness, permanent harm, or death after a prolonged exposure or with repeated exposure.

Emergency situations are those that involve actual or potential exposure to atmospheres that are immediately harmful and dangerous to health or life after comparatively short exposures. Some materials—hydrogen fluoride gas and cadmium vapor, for example—may produce immediate transient effects that, even if severe, may pass without medical attention, but are followed by sudden, possibly fatal collapse hours after exposure.

Furthermore, persons using air-line respirators in atmospheres immediately hazardous to life or health must be equipped with safety harnesses and safety lines for lifting or removing workers from hazardous atmospheres.

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The SCP developed substance-specific draft standards with supporting documentation that contained technical information and recommendations needed for the promulgation of new occupational health regulations. As part of the respirator selection process for each draft technical standard, an IDLH value was determined.

The purpose for establishing this IDLH value was to determine a concentration from which a worker could escape without injury or without irreversible health effects in the event of respiratory protection equipment failure e.

In determining IDLH values, the ability of a worker to escape without loss of life or irreversible health effects was considered along with severe eye or respiratory irritation and other deleterious effects e.

Although in most cases, egress from a particular worksite could occur in much less than 30 minutes, as a safety margin, IDLH values were based on the effects that might occur as a consequence of a minute exposure. IDLH values were determined for each substance during the SCP on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the toxicity data available at the time.

The documentation of life

Whenever possible, IDLH values were determined using health effects data from studies of humans exposed for short durations. However, in most instances, a lack of human data necessitated the use of animal toxicity data.

When inhalation studies of animals exposed for short durations i.

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When lethal dose LD data from animals were used, IDLH values were estimated on the basis of an equivalent exposure to a kg worker breathing 10 cubic meters of air. Since chronic exposure data may have little relevance to acute effects, these types of data were used in determining IDLH values only when no acute toxicity data were available and only in conjunction with competent scientific judgment.

In a number of instances when no relevant human or animal toxicity data were available, IDLH values were based on analogies with other substances with similar toxic effects. Also included is a complete listing of references cited in the SCP; in many cases where only secondary references were cited, the original sources have also been added.

Whenever available, the references secondary and primary were obtained to verify the information cited in the SCP. However, a few of the original references, such as personal communications and foreign reports, could not be located.

The published data at that time for 40 of these substances e.

The documentation of life

For all of these substances, respirators were selected on the basis of assigned protection factors. However, for most particulate substances for which evidence for establishing an IDLH value did not exist e.

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