Merits and demerits of essay type examination

Essay on the merits and demerits of the present system of examination Subrat Mangaraj Advertisements:

Merits and demerits of essay type examination

The advantages and disadvantages of examinations by Sohaib Tests and examinations are a central feature of school systems in many countries. Do you think the educational benefits of testing outweigh any disadvantages. Give reasons for your answer. Grammar corrections are in this version: It is a common practice for many schools and colleges to assess their student's knowledge through different exams and tests.

Whether this method has more benefits than drawbacks is debatable; I believe that examination s provide several educational benefits.

To beginone of the main advantages of examination s is that it is they are an easy tool to regularly assess a student's capability.

Exams help a lot to bring an improvement in the individual's knowledge because they provide regular feedback to the students who acknowledge their shortcomings and work on them. Another advantage is that exams promote competition among students. They work harder to improve their knowledge and skills.

In this way they learn more.

Merits and demerits of essay type examination

Also, exams are an excellent tools to determine the efficacy of teaching methods because teachers get an opportunity to monitor and evaluate their teaching stategies according to their student's progress.

On the other hand, there are certain drawbacks of exams. Firstly, they have a poor predictive quality because they only judge a student's ability under set conditions and limited time. Many a times a student who is otherwise good may get anxious or confuse d under strict exam conditions and may not perform up to the mark.

Secondly, many exams encourage teaching to the test practice. This is to say, teaching a fixed curriculum focussed focused on passing a specific exam. This method limits the curriculum to a set range of knowledge and skills. Obviously suc h practice does not provide much many educational benefits.

However, if some improvements are made to remove the above mentioned drawbacks, exams certainly provide many educational advantages. Therefore, I believe that the benefits of exams far outweigh its their drawbacks.

I did not do it here because it appeared that if I mentioned the drawbacks right after finishing the last line of my first paragraph I believe that exams provide several educational benefitsthe essay will lose coherence. Am i right in thinking so? But as you say, general coherence is more important than this so you were right to put the advantages first, given the thesis you had written, otherwise it would have looked disjointed.

To avoid this and write about the drawbacks first, you could have just put your opinion in the conclusion and had a different thesis that mentioned there are two sides to the issue.

Overall, though, you have written a very good answer. Make sure each paragraph has one central theme, or a topic sentence that ties in all the themes if they are different:Merits of essay writing: 1.

Every coin has 2 sides same ways in essay test if there are merits than demerits are also there so we will see demerits of essay test writing. 1.

Correct: compare the essay examination with the objective type of examination w.r.t (a) learning outcomes to be measured (b). Essay tests, at best, are easily constructed, relatively valid tests of higher cognitive processes; but they arehard to score reliably.

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They can be improved by using objectives, scoring guides, and other test construction and scoring aids. An essay test may give full freedom to the students to write any number of required response may vary in length.

An essay type question requires the pupil to plan his own answer and to explain it in his own words. Like essay type of test, this test items also fail to test the character building aspects.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Exams Essay Points Students

8. It is often argued that preparation and use of objective type test items is . Feb 09,  · Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Essay Test. Essay test is a type of test that usually allows greater freedom of response to questions and requires more writing. Advantages of Essay Tests.

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1. The essay examintion allows students to express their ideas with relatively few restraints. Essay questions are time consuming to.

'The advantages of exam out ways its disadvantages' - Help for ielts essay More difficult tasks simply thesis editing canada more. Tasks that cannot be purchased or copy-and-pasted must and integrated into the mix.

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