Mattel code of conduct

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Mattel code of conduct

March 31, Mattel: Although it was previously known for its strong ethical framework, Mattel had a major setback in Mattel was incorporated in in with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. It quickly grew from a startup toy company run out of a garage, to being the largest toy company in the world.

The introduction of the Barbie doll in helped put Mattel on the map. Only a year later, Mattel became a publicly owned company and was named a Fortune company by Mattel code of conduct to dominate the toy market, Mattel introduced Hot Wheels cars in Mattel grew impressively throughout the following decades, as it released one quintessential product line after another.

But, because of the ever-increasing demand for its toys, Mattel looked to Asian manufacturing plants for support. The cost of labor overseas was much cheaper and more ideal for a rapidly growing company such as Mattel. However, init established the Global Manufacturing Principles.

It was the first consumer products company to enforce an ongoing commitment of responsible manufacturing practices. The Global Manufacturing Principles provided a framework to ensure that manufacturing standards were consistently being met.

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Mattel also formed the Mattel Independent Monitoring Council whose purpose was to audit the Chinese manufacturing plants. With programs like these in place, Mattel established a reputation of moral integrity and commitment.

It took pride in its corporate social responsibility. Upholding this reputation, Mattel made great strides by exercising philanthropic contributions and activities, and even phasing out harmful chemicals called phthalates from its toys. Because of its sustained reputation and ethical framework, it was a major shock to everyone when Mattel recalled nearly one million of its toys in the August of The toys were contaminated with excessive amounts of lead based paint, making them hazardous to children.

The toys were made by one of the Chinese manufacturing plants, Lee Der Industrial. Mattel had been a partner with Lee Der for over 15 years. European retailers first discovered the lead painted products in July of When Mattel was notified of the hazard, it stopped operations and initiated an investigation.

It decided to recall the products with high-level concentrations of lead paint. When the co-owner and manager of Lee Der, Zhang Shuhong, learned that Mattel had ended the business relationship, he committed suicide.

Mattel originally viewed Lee Der as a reliable supplier, so it delegated the responsibility to control the quality of the paint to the Chinese manufacturer. Once again, excessive amounts of led was found in the paint of toys made by another Chinese supplier, and more recalls followed.

Mattel recalled 19 million toys in total. A lot of the recalled toys were actually due to a flawed design, which included dangerous magnets that posed a serious choking hazard.

The summer of was a rough one for Mattel. Retailers began to implement third party safety checks on Mattel as well as its manufacturers.

Legal Developments In Non-Competition Agreements

To further analyze the ethical framework of Mattel, I will refer to Kantian ethics. As a Deontologist, Immanuel Kant emphasizes moral duties as opposed to consequences.

Mattel code of conduct

Kant focuses on the categorical imperative, which is split up into three formulations. This is essentially a test to see if the action is moral. If the action was universal, would it be logically coherent and able to exist? In the case of Mattel, the action of producing products that are dangerous to children is immoral.

By not following through and enforcing better safety checks, Mattel allowed its unsafe products to enter the consumer market, endangering millions of children. It is the act of selling unsafe products to children that Kant would view as immoral, not because of the consequences of the action.

Lee Der and the other Chinese manufacturers acted immoral in this way also by using paint with excessive amount of lead.

Kant believes in treating stakeholders as persons. In this second formulation of the categorical imperative, Kantian ethics proposes that stakeholders should not be coerced or deceived. By selling toys with unsafe magnetic parts even after it guaranteed the safety of its products, Mattel deceived its stakeholders.

Once again, Kant would view this as a violation of the categorical imperative. This formulation could also apply to the business relationship between Mattel and its Chinese suppliers.Mar 31,  · Ethics and Corporate Codes of Conduct - Mattel Inc. In the summer of , Mattel Inc. was confronted with reports from an independent French lab that indicated the paint on a sample of Mattel toys contained lead.

This "prospective application only" obviously requires lawyers to evaluate potentially two different sets of non-compete law, depending on the breadth of the legislative reform.

Hasbro’s Code of Conduct, in place since , is the cornerstone of our ethics program and applies to all employees worldwide as well as our Board of Directors.

Mattel code of conduct

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Mattel - Code of Conduct: At Mattel, playing fair is one of our core values and the cornerstone of our ethical compliance program.

We know that how we achieve success is just as important as the success itself, and this recognition underscores our commitment .

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