Gmat answers to the real essay

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Gmat answers to the real essay

What matters most to you, and why? Before you start to work on this essay, consider the advice that the Stanford MBA admissions team provides: Naturally, telling a random story that has nothing to do with anything of relevance can hurt your chances, but mainly because you will have wasted this valuable space to reveal something about yourself.

Full Version GMAT: Answers to the Real Essay Questions Mark A. Stewart

Where many Stanford applicants go wrong is by writing about their grand plans for the future, rather than providing a real glimpse into who they are as people.

The latter is much more powerful and, ultimately, much more effective in helping you get in. With the other essay in this application, you have ample opportunity to cover the exact reasons why you want an MBA from Stanford, including your post-MBA ambitions. They are looking for authenticity and passion in this essay—your true motivations.

The best essays will show genuine self-reflection and self-discovery through the essay-writing process. But this essay is not the place for it. This is the place where the admissions committee gets to see your values, motivations, and passions—what really makes you tick!

However, many applicants feel like they need to impress the admissions committee by writing narratives where they play the knight in shining armor who rides to save the day in every circumstance.

Gmat answers to the real essay

We provide some additional tips here on how to do it. Rather than simply trying to tell the admissions committee why this matters to you, show them! How do you show versus tell? Use stories from your life to show how you developed your values, passions, etc.

These personal stories will show why this has become such an important thing in your life. Reflect the self-examination process you used to write your response. This is a self-reflection process with an essay as a deliverable.

In your essay, actually write out how you determined what matters most to you. Were you primarily consumed in your own thoughts, or did you reach out to others for input? If you reached out to others, who did you select and why? Either process is perfectly fine, by the way. Stanford is as interested in the process you took as it is in the resulting essay.

If you can, find stories that are memorable but make a very specific point about yourself. Write from the heart, and illustrate how a person, situation, or event has influenced you.

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So many applicants are so focused on themselves that they forget their life is often a series of external influences either positive or negative. Essays that focus on what the applicant has learned from others often showcase the reflection and humility that the GSB is looking for.

Just like HBS, Stanford has the luxury of not having to spend too much time sleuthing out your genuine level of interest in the program. The vast majority of people who are admitted to Stanford end up going there.

Get beyond a list of classes or professors. Resist the urge to do a few web searches and then simply drop the names of some programs or professors into this essay. An effective response will provide specific details about aspects of the academics, activities, events, professional opportunities, or culture that tie back to you, your past experience, and your future goals.

Let me find something no one else will write about! We see a lot of people for whom Stanford is their top-choice school because it will enable them to get a better job upon graduation.

Meet our Stanford consultants.GRE: Answers to the Real Essay Questions: Everything You Need to Write a Top-Notch GRE Essay Paperback – Sep 15 by Mark Alan Stewart (Author)Author: Mark Alan Stewart.

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