Globalization human trafficking

The reasons for the increase in this phenomenon are multiple and complex.

Globalization human trafficking

Connect With Us Human Trafficking Human trafficking, another — often times involuntary — form of migration, is an important international issue. The illegal trafficking of people rather than of goods has been fueled by four global trends. A second contributory trend has been increased mobility due to improved transportation networks and technology.

This facilitates human trafficking as faster and cheaper forms of transportation increase the mobility of people. During the s criminal organizations from a variety of countries have created sophisticated networks to illegally funnel migrants to developed countries.

This new activity has been driven by the relatively low risks compared to other criminal activities and the high profitability. A rather paradoxical fourth trend facilitating increases in human trafficking is rising incomes in sending countries.

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Instead rising incomes allow a greater number of people to afford the steep fees charged by traffickers. This factor primarily applies to migrants who are voluntarily smuggled across borders in order to migrate without necessary legal documents.

Migration however, is not relegated to the relatively better off. The International Labour Organization estimates there are This number covers a reference period of and means that Forced labor includes labor imposed by the State, and labor imposed in the private economy either for sexual or for labor exploitation.

Rising public opposition to illegal immigration and the increasingly criminal nature of human trafficking has prompted governments of the developed world to take measures to thwart the entrance of immigrants, specifically those employing professional smugglers.

Inthe U. In MayPresident Obama declared that the fence was now basically complete though the vast majority was met with vehicle barriers and a single -layer pedestrian fence, rather than the double-layered fence that was requested Politifact, An article in the liberal American Prospect notes that the fence has increased the chances of dying when crossing the border from Mexico to Arizona have increased significantly since the erection of the fence.

Human Trafficking | Globalization

The number of illegal aliens caught along the border has decreased from 1. It is unclear whether these reductions are related to the fence or the economic crisis Clifford, Through independent and joint naval operations with African countries, Frontex has attempted to block or repatriate Africans attempting to migrate to Europe.

Its success thus far has been ambiguous at best.


Similar to the U. The spokesperson for the European Union Agency Frontex commented that border management alone cannot solve the illegal immigration problem Tsolakidoum, Increased border enforcement has not only increased profit levels for human traffickers, but has also made the illegal migratory journey much more dangerous.

The most serious repercussions of human traffickers often fall upon those who are being trafficked. Increased border controls have driven traffickers to use more dangerous and ruthless means to smuggle immigrants into countries.

Globalization human trafficking

In Marchan ill-equipped boat from Libya carrying over passengers in almost unbearably cramped and harsh conditions capsized on its way to Europe, drowning all of those on board.Human trafficking is a global problem and one of the world's most shameful crimes, affecting the lives of millions of people around the world and robbing them of their dignity.

Traffickers deceive women, men and children from all corners of the world and force them into exploitative situations every.

Legal Options/ Rights for the Victims of Trafficking. What Is Trafficking?

Organized crime - profiting from the exploitation of human beings

“ The illicit and clandestine movement of persons across national borders, largely from developing countries and some countries with economies in transition, with the end goal of forcing women and girl children into sexually or economically oppressive and exploitative situations for profit of recruiters, traffickers.

Human Trafficking Resource Database. A browsable database has been developed by teams at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Carolina Women’s Center. The protocol formalized the definition of human trafficking (detailed above) to assist various nations in streamlining their policies to address this issue (

The Council of Europe Convention on Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings is a similar treaty implemented on a regional scale. Sex trafficking and globalization: Researcher finds anti-trafficking organizations face challenges as they organize their assistance across borders By Communications and Marketing In today's world, human trafficking is not an .

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