Critical lens essay on quote lord of the flies

Whether or not one agrees with the pessimistic philosophy, the idiocentric psychology or the fundamentalist theology espoused by Golding in the novel, if one is to use literature as a "window on the world," this work is one of the panes through which one should look.

Critical lens essay on quote lord of the flies

When viewing the atrocities of today's world on television, the starving children, the wars, the injustices,one cannot help but think that evil is rampant in this day and age. People in society must be aware that evil is not an external force embodied in a society but resides within each person.

Man has both good qualities and faults. He must come to control these faults in order to be a good person.

Critical lens essay on quote lord of the flies

In the novel Lord of the Flies, William Golding deals with this same evil which exists in all of his characters. With his mastery of such literary tool as structure, syntax, diction, point of view and presentation of character, Golding allows the reader to easily relate to his characters and explore the novel's main theme, that within a person there are forces of good and evil wich must be controlled.

Golding's novel has a "remarkably complete and solid structure" Kinkead- Weekes and Gregor With the exception of Ralf's dream, Golding' novel follows chronological order.

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It begins with the boys' arrival on the island. Through the chapters one to four, the tension rises between Jack and Ralf, the two leaders. The crisis is reached in chapter five, "Beast from Water", when Simon comes face to face with the personification of evil, The Lord of the Flies.

The tension mounts continually as the story unfolds for "the structure and technique of Lord of the Flies is one of revelation" Kinkead-Weekes and Gregor The climax is reached shortly after the shattering of the conch and Piggy's death, when the boys attempt to kill Ralf.

After this the story quickly comes to an end with the arrival of the naval officer. Thus the story follows the relatively common path of exposition, rising action, crisis, climax and falling action.

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Golding's skilful use of syntax is also quite common. He uses long periodic sentences when describing of the peaceful coral island, shadowed with greens and purples, and shorter sentences when describing moments of violence or high tension.

For example, for the first pig's death, the author uses dashes to create stress. During the sow's death, he uses medium length sentences, dissected by commas to form shorter phrases. Towards the end of the novel, when Ralf is chased, commas are again employed.

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Here, Golding makes use of his shortest sentences, even using sentence fragments. He also uses shorter paragraphs. This particular use of syntax creates much tension. Golding also creates tension with the use of specific words.Psychoanalytic School of Criticism: Lord of the Flies What is the psychoanalytic approach?

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychology, developed theories that our desires and unconscious conflicts lead to the development of defenses, like repression, fear of death, denial, and selective memory.

This Essay Macbeth Critical Lens and other 64,+ term papers, This quote holds true in a lot of literature, for example two examples are Macbeth by William Shakespeare and Lord of the Flies 4/4(1). Of military discipline essays, a comment. Home lord of the flies essay on lord of the flies.

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Critical lens essay on quote lord of the flies

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The second literary work that helps to prove this quote to be true is “The Lord Of The Flies”, the novel by William Golding.

This novel also uses theme to prove this quote to be true. Critical Lens for “Romeo and Juliet. Critical Lens Essay Summary: in William Golding's novel Lord of the Flies, and in Sophocles's play Antigone.

In each of these works, disturbing events portray that humans are capable of .

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