Contribution of media in society media essay

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Contribution of media in society media essay

Report Story The media surrounds us; from the shows we watch on television and the music we listen to on the radio, to the books, magazines and newspapers that we read each day.

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Without the media, we, the people in society, would be cut off from the rest of the world which include governing bodies, law-makers, and neighboring towns and cities. The flow of information is important for the expansion of communities and the media aids this. Though media is not the only communication means used to distribute the flow of information, its significance in developed countries is worth mentioning as it is the main source of informing the people on political issues or current affairs.

Contribution of media in society media essay

It is also one of the chief foundations of entertainment. Print media has always been a dominant medium throughout the decades in the western civilization.

Media workers have to do research for their reports, which includes sifting through piles and piles of information to support a thesis and make it more than one thousand words in order to explain an event, a situation, or a person.

They have to arrange the important issues and points into a strategic article that an average onlooker can understand and form an opinion on the matter. In this way, the media keeps us focused on vital topics. Journalists have the duty to report unbiased, accurate information as it is gained from reliable sources.

It is their obligation to obtain all sides of a story and to give an account on the good and bad results. There must be a balance of moral and immoral deductions in in the final product. Today television channels and newspapers are making rapid income by cashing on the news in mistaken techniques.

In the race to become the most popular and the richest, they have broken all the laws that media must follow while trying to build a progressive society. There is no longer any respect for the principles of the people and land that they serve.

With their persuasive ways, they try to control people instead of simply advising them as they are supposed to. While the media is sometimes viewed as being overly violent and greedy in their plight for the latest and hottest news, their purpose is essential in a democratic society so that the people can keep track of their administrators.

The media has the ability to hold governments responsible, forcing them to explain their actions and decisions, all of which affect the people they represent. If media did what it was intended for, it will be a great force in building the nation but, at present, media has become a money-making sector.

Instead of giving important information and educative programmes, all there is on television, is sensational depictions of all new stories; their only goal is to get television rating points. Every issue is publicized for a few days, on most channels around the same time, but when the drama is over, no channel follows up the case to let the public know what is going on.

They conceal this by using other heated issues. In a democratic community, people should know all their options but the media, which usually provides this, is corrupt. The public has to judge on their own by looking at different channels or newspapers for the same news, and then form their opinion.

One of the most influential forces of the media in any society is the ability to effect change on both social and governmental levels. People can be either positively or negatively affected by these messages.

Media is a mirror of society and plays an outstanding role in strengthening it.

Contribution of media in society media essay

The media put the lives of its workers in danger during attacks or natural disasters to keep us up-to-date. It is partially due to the media that awareness of many problems is spreading in the society.

The media has become so much involved in our lives that to recognize its impact on us, we need to step back and make a conscious effort to think about how the shape our lives and what they are saying.Media is a mirror of society and plays an outstanding role in strengthening it.

The media put the lives of its workers in danger during attacks or natural disasters to keep us up-to-date. It is partially due to the media that awareness of many problems is Reviews: Impact of the Media on Society Essay - Impact of the Media on Society Media technologies are becoming an important aspect of today’s society.

Each and every day, people interact with media of many different forms. Media is commonly defined as being a channel of communication. Print Media The media has grown considerably in the last few decades to include print media, TV channels, radio, internet and others.

While India and Pakistan both have a diverse mix of different kinds of media, there is a predominance of print media in terms of size and numbers. Essay: Influence Of Television Television is a form of media that has great ability to influence and brainwash the viewing public.

The talking box in one’s living room has assumed the overpowering role it plays today as a result of the weakness of society. ILS Law College is a community of Students & Staff dedicated to bringing out the best in all of its members.

Our aim is to provide the finest opportunities & environment for teaching, learning & research. THE FALSE ALLURE OF GROUP SELECTION. Human beings live in groups, are affected by the fortunes of their groups, and sometimes make sacrifices that benefit their groups.

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