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Danto, a provocative and influential philosopher and critic who championed Andy Warhol and other avant-garde artists and upended the study of art history by declaring that the history of art was over, has died. Danto, art critic for The Nation magazine from to and a professor emeritus at Columbia University, died of heart failure Friday at his Manhattan apartment, daughter Ginger Danto said Sunday. An academically trained philosopher, Danto became as central to debates about art in the s and after as critic Clement Greenberg had been during the previous generation. Danto was initially troubled, then inspired by the rise of pop art and how artists such as Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein could transform a comic strip or a soup can into something displayed in a museum, a work of "art.

Arthur danto the artworld essay writer

Le domande a cui Danto prova a dare risposta sono diverse. Queste domande potrebbero concentrarsi tutte logicamente in una sola: Dunque, sintetizzando, cosa ho capito dalla lettura? E questo chiude il cerchio.

Quindi non ha importanza se una cosa sia bella, brutta, storta, puzzolente, oscena, approssimativa, abbozzata, grezza. Un significato che, evidentemente, deve essere originale. Merda e orinatoio sono sogni?

This book, being very short and having a title which promises a sufficiently broad scope, was a good candidate. As it turns out, I think I may have some reason to prefer my own subjective opinions to that which passes for expertise and intellectual sophistication, at least in this specifi I picked up this book because I felt like I needed to familiarize myself more with the institutional discourse surrounding the arts rather than just entirely relying on my own idiosyncratic methods of analysis.

As it turns out, I think I may have some reason to prefer my own subjective opinions to that which passes for expertise and intellectual sophistication, at least in this specific case.

arthur danto the artworld essay writer

In the first chapter, Danto bemoans the fact that his "fellow philosophers" believe that the category of "art" is so vague that there is no use coming up with a definition of it. A few pages later, Danto gives us his definition of a work of art - "meaning embodied in an object".

In fact, I think the majority of art is not embedded in a physical object - theater, music, film, poetry. How can Danto not realize this?

The fact that he thinks of "art" as exclusively involving physical objects reveals an absurd bias towards the institution of the modern gallery, totally blind to any creative expressions which exist outside it, even in, say, the symphony hall two doors down.


Moving onto the second chapter, we find a discussion of the recent cleaning of the Sistine Chapel ceiling, which Danto comes out as vigorously opposed to. This is because, in his mind, part of the "meaning" embodied in the ceiling is that it is dirty, and therefore to clean the ceiling would destroy the artwork entirely.

The reason Danto believes this is because he saw a picture of the ceiling after it had been cleaned and thought the figures looked crude and garish. Since Michelangelo was a great artist, he must not have intended it to look this way. In fact, this "destruction" of a work of art upset Danto so much that he refused to visit the Sistine Chapel ever again, on principle.

Does Danto sincerely believe, despite any historical evidence to point to, that somehow Michelangelo intended the ceiling to become dirty over time and never again cleaned, in order to create some gnostic allegory utterly central to the work?

I certainly hope not. At this point, the book is about halfway over. There are four more short chapters and these actually turn out to be decent, albeit a bit rambling.

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Thus the relationship to reality is internal.Arthur Danto was concened with exactly why history is not just one damn thing after another, but forms a narrative told from a later vantage point. Arthur danto the artworld essay help.

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“Arthur C. Danto’s ‘The Artworld’” is a multimedia study environment for Arthur C. Danto’s essay, “The Artworld”. It is designed for the continuous display . Arthur Danto (–) was an American art critic, historian and thinker, author of many books on aesthetics, art and philosophy.

In different years, he was the vice-president and president of American Society for Aesthetics and American Philosophical Association, editor of Journal of Philosophy and a regular contributor to Naked Punch. Oct 28,  · Arthur C.

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Danto, a philosopher who an artworld,” wrote Mr. Danto in his oft-quoted essay died in In addition to his daughter Ginger, who is a writer about art, Mr. Danto is. Arthur danto the artworld essay. November 25, Arthur danto the artworld essay.

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arthur danto the artworld essay writer
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