Amax automobiles case study

Resource Library Al Masaood Automobiles For more than forty years, Al Masaood Automobiles AMA has made its name in the automotive after-sales market as one of the largest integrated industrial, commercial, and service organizations in the Middle East.

Amax automobiles case study

And it has been the consistent opinion of the Supreme Court beginning with Hylton v. United States, 3 U. United States, U. The income tax that was challenged in the Pollock decision was similar, and the majority opinion first struck down the tax on incomes from property i.

That a tax on wages and other compensation for labor would have been constitutional even before the adoption of the 16th Amendment was confirmed by the unanimous decision of the Supreme Court in Brushaber, in which the court stated: See also, Charczuk v.

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After the Brushaber decision, the Supreme Court still followed the doctrine established by the decision in Collector v. However, in a Amax automobiles case study challenging the application of the federal income tax to the salaries of employees of the Port of New York Authority a bi-state corporation formed by New York and New Jerseythe Supreme Court clearly stated that Congress could tax the earnings of those employees in the same manner as employees private businesses: The taxpayers enjoy the benefits and protection of the laws of the United States.

They are under a duty to support its government and are not beyond the reach of its taxing power. A nondiscriminatory tax laid on their net income, in common with that of all other members of the community, could by no reasonable probability be considered to preclude the performance of the function which New York and New Jersey have undertaken, or to obstruct it more than like private enterprises are obstructed by our taxing system.

The Supreme Court explicitly overruled Collector v. Day in Graves v. New York ex rel. Their compensation, whether paid out of the returns from the business or otherwise, can have no quality, so far as the federal taxing power is concerned, superior to that of the enterprise in which the compensated service is rendered.

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We conclude that the Congress had the constitutional authority to lay the tax. None of these decisions would have been unnecessary if Congress did not have the power to tax wages and salaries generally. The decisions were necessary only because the Supreme Court already knew that it was constitutional to tax the compensation of a private business and so the issue was whether state employees should be treated differently.

The Supreme Court initially held that state employees should be treated differently, but then eventually reversed itself and concluded that the same taxes should be paid by state employees as any other employee. In the case of Commissioner v.

Kowalski, US 77the Supreme Court held that meal allowances paid by the state of New Jersey to state troopers constituted income subject to tax.

Amax automobiles case study

Kowalski, US 77, 83 The lower courts have therefore had no problem in holding that an unapportioned income tax on wages is constitutional.

The Court also noted that in Pollock v.

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See also, United States v. United States, F. As far as the author has been able to determine, the above quotation has never been cited or discussed by any federal court. The next time that Adam Smith is mentioned in a Supreme Court opinion is in a unanimous opinion written by Chief Justice Chase in Attempts to answer it by reference to the definitions of political economists have been frequently made, but without satisfactory results.

The enumeration of the different kinds of taxes which Congress was authorized to impose was probably made with very little reference to their speculations. This sentiment was followed in the second Pollock decision, in which the majority stated: But Chief Justice Chase, delivering the judgment of this court in Bank v.

Rent, Profit, and Wages. Every tax must finally be paid from some one or other of those three different sorts of revenue, or from all of them indifferently. From the quotation above and Wealth of Nations as a wholeit is clear that Adam Smith believed that all taxes must be paid from income.

Inheritance and estate taxes were addressed in an appendix.Terms: *AUTOMOBILE industry Case studies. H [ 4 [PDF] On Being A Therapist, 4th Readers forum automobile replacement case studies ABSTRACT Case studies have long been used to supplement material in engineering economy courses.

To develop these studies is difficult in that the amount of [PDF] Rick Steves' London pdf. Similarly a number of threats are clearly evident from this case study some of which include: Quality level attained by automobile manufacturers among them BMW meant that product differentiation opportunities became fewer while the cost structure and the .

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Amax automobiles case study

Sep 08,  · They rounded out the case-study method, in which professors cold-called students about a business’s predicament, with a new course called Field, which grouped students into . The AMAXSY/SY are used to integrate all light indicators, switches and buttons. The APAXXPE is the main controller for this project.

It communicates with the solar cell process controller and issues the motion control commands to the AMAX slave I/O modules.

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