A review of the forgotten door by alexander key

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A review of the forgotten door by alexander key

Showing of 18 next show all By the author of [b: Jon has lost his memory, after a fall of some kind he's woken up in unfamiliar woods and needs to find help to recover and make his way back home.

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But the people he's coming across are unusual, can't do the things that he can do, and find everything about him, from his appearance and clothes to the way he talks, unusual, perhaps dangerous.

Is he from another planet? Key raises many of the important issues of social science fiction - namely the need for compassion in confrontation of the unknown - in a way that young readers will comprehend. Its a simple story, some larger-than-life touches of government paranoia, with the villains being mostly unpleasant, greedy neighbors and the heroes a family.

Everything is on an understandable scale. If the book had any failings, it was the rushed ending and the inability of the author to come up with any other satisfactory conclusion than having the family trip off to wonderland with Jon as opposed to, I don't know, making the world a better place?

I'm not sure if I'm mixing stories, or I was young enough that Little Jon felt older that's what I remembered - a teenager at least. It's got a lot of similarities to Escape from Witch Mountain by the same author, though the ending is happier.

Mysterious child appears in the mountains - a mystery even to himself, without his memory. His peculiar abilities first help him, then get him into trouble with the authorities.

But rescue comes at the last minute, and things end well - I'd forgotten the family's choice, too. Re-read a couple of years ago and was impressed even though I've read hundreds of sf since. A young man falls through a "door" into our earth, meets an earthly family he appears to be just as physiologically human as we are, with a few extra "super powers"confronts some bad guys pretty low-key low-lifes; it's a junior bookand returns home.

A simplified view of good and evil which is not necessarily unrealistic allows the author to present an idealized view of life: Since it is nominally "science fiction" no effort is expended on explaining how the other planet's inhabitant's achieved their perfect state.

Perfectly satisfactory for children, but nothing to interest adults, who would be more interested in Harper Lee or Saint Exupery.The Forgotten Door by Alexander Key (Grades ) Literature Unit Daily Reading Journal The Forgotten Door mixed review - print all section questions at once (options for multiple keys) Extended Activities Extended Activities.

Book Report Form The Forgotten Door book report form (PDF File). A Review of The Forgotten Door by Alexander Key words 4 pages. At the end of the book the magical door opens and Jon and the Beans go back to Jons land. I liked this book a lot more than I thought I would.

A review of the forgotten door by alexander key

It sounded like a book that would not be very good but I gave it a chance. A Review of the Book Guns Germs and Steel. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Forgotten Door at tranceformingnlp.com Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

by Alexander Key. $ out of 5 stars The Forgotten Door (Apple Paperbacks) by Key, Alexander () Mass Market Paperback. $ out of 5 stars 5. The Forgotten Door. by Marjory . Alexander Key wrote this plot device into several books, a character slowly working through clues to figure out his or her own identity.

The fun of reading this comes from the characters and situations which lead to the revelation to the character of who he is. The Forgotten Door User Review - 8cookie - tranceformingnlp.com As a teacher I loved reading this story to my classes I would change my voice as I read the different characters.

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