A personal recount about a dream

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A personal recount about a dream

Not long after dotting each dream, I decided to write more about them in as much detail as I could remember straight after waking up and so I have amassed more than dream recordings.

I dream about things that are important in my life and things that I think about a lot, work situations and work mates pop up often and so do my friends and family and things related to learning about business and networking and hanging out with friends. I used to record the date and time I woke up from the dream so I knew when I had it which is mentioned in the title of this post.

The host and owner of the house was tall and wore a black hoodie that was pulled over his head so that only his orange coloured beard was visible. Inside of the hood bore total darkness.

Everyone stood in the kitchen while I had a look around, LED lights were mounted in the ceiling of the kitchen and thick, white curtains were draped over the windows which blocked all sight of the outdoors.

Time went on and we all ended up sitting at the dining table and conversing between each other while the host stood right behind one of the guests and just looked ahead and gazed across the table.

Everyone quietened and paid attention to the man. The host then jerked his gaze toward me and seemed to instantly flash behind me. Upon closer inspection of him, I could see that his black hoodie was tattered and torn and eerie, black, sooty particles wisped around his body slowly like an ominous aura.

The house guests and I were eyeing the owner of the house when the LED lights in the kitchen began to flicker haphazardly and we could hear electricity flickering and zapping through the lighting and power circuits of the house. Next scene The group and I had fled the strange house and its creepy owner and we ended up by a rocky beach.

We were standing closely grouped together to brace the cold of the dark night when one of the group members began to jerk her head straight up into the sky and convulse while seeming to choke and roll her eyes around like a mad woman.

She stopped convulsing and lunged at a close by male friend with a knife she apparently held, she stabbed him in the neck, killing him swiftly. She rose from atop his unmoving body and snarled at the other survivors with a red and bloody mouth.

We ran far, leaving the now possessed woman and her victim alone together. We continued to explore the beach and we came across a raised dirt path next to the beach.

It was calm and quiet until suddenly, these puffy crab like creatures rose out nearby from under the water, climbed over and onto the dirt path and chased after us in an awkward, fast paced crab walk.

Once everyone was near the playground on top of a vehicle, the creatures retreated back to the shore line and underwater.

A personal recount about a dream

Suddenly, as the crabs left, hundreds of people began to surround us, half of them were bald males with yellow, golden skin, slightly pale eyes and a thin body. Some walked and while some shuffled slowly toward us. Sometimes I would have 3 different dreams that I remember before waking up and I will try to write them all down as quick as I can before I forget them!

Thanks for reading, sweet dreams and be smart.This collection of dream stories has been compiled for you to explore a little deeper the world of dreaming, through the minds of others.

Topics include lucid dream stories, funny dreams, weird dreams, dramatic dreams, nightmares, etc. and as you will see in this a personal recount on a dream about an island article this mass exodus Long Islands 9/11 victims Like Tweet Share Pin Email Nearly Long Islanders were killed in the Sept also sometimes referred to as The latest news.

Setting goals with your partner can be a double-edged sword.

A personal recount about a dream

On one end, when you achieve them you feel joy and exhilaration for having realized a dream or aspiration. A personal recount of following your dreams Posted at h in Novedades by May god bless you and your crew more and more.

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"Mr. Bojangles" is a song written and originally recorded by American country music artist Jerry Jeff Walker for his album of the same title. Scripture Reference Preface The scriptures tell us that dreams and their interpretations belong to God. Though sometimes elusive, their interpretations are anxiously sought for God's will.

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